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International Women's Dive Day 2017

Events JGuarino COMMENTS 02 Jul, 2017
    While any day we female divers dive is technically “women's dive day”, PADI has set up an official day for us to recognize and celebrate being women in a “men's sport” & The Scuba Shop is excited to participate in Women's Dive Day 2017. The official date is July 15 but the shop will be offering several ways to celebrate!
    Friday, July 14th we will be offering FREE Discover Scuba Diving sessions, food and social starting at 6pm for all females! This is the perfect opportunity for you to add to your buddy list – tell your friends, family, co-workers – hey, even strangers on the street! (Just be careful with that last one though).
    For our main event – we are going to have an morning/afternoon full of diving and food! We will be meeting up at Vista Point 8am (meet at the shop at 7am to caravan) on Saturday July 15.  After diving is potluck time! The Scuba Shop will provide hot dogs and drinks - let us know what you're bringing!
    Lastly, we are also adding a "surprise" element to this dive day - you won't want to miss it! 
    First things first – REGISTER. REGISTER.REGISTER. The sooner the better!! This is to ensure that we bring enough food for all (and also to coordinate the potluck dishes!)
    Make sure you secure any rental gear you need before the event.



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