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International Tabletop Day

Events JGuarino COMMENTS 13 Apr, 2017

International TableTop Day 2017 April 29th from 3pm-9pm

Scuba divers are known to be some of the most fun people to have around and I gotta say, I agree! We tend to be easily amused and try to find any way to make others laugh (but we're fine if we are the only ones laughing in the end). Sharing life stories on the dive boat whilst on the way to a dive site, giving nicknames to one another based on our dive styles and the post-dive shenanigans are just a few examples of how scuba divers build a rapport with one another. It's important to get along if we plan on diving together. Scuba divers are a special group of folks. We are all in the same family.

A fantastic way to build up camaraderie is by playing games. This year, The Scuba Shop is participating in International Tabletop Day 2017. Created by Geek & Sundry, ITTD is a day where people from all over the world gather with one another to have an epic board and card game playing sessions.

Tabletop gaming has been (and still is) a staple in many households: whether it was drawing undeniable masterpieces that no one could ever guess in Pictionary, learning useful future bar trivia in Trivial Pursuit or being disowned for obliterating everyone in Monopoly – tabletop gaming allowed us to spend time together and have a blast.

There's been a massive comeback in the “unplugged” gaming world. There are tons of new tabletop games that have been developed (but the classics are still around, too!) & so on April 29, 2017 – The Scuba Shop is inviting all of our members to come hang out and play some games! We will have some games available for play & if you have a favorite to share with the rest of us – feel free to bring it along!

Registration is needed by Wednesday, April 26th. We will provide drinks and snacks!

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